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marigoldkisses's Journal

toothpaste kisses
18, female, brunette, blue-eyed, tall, I like Pokémon XD
'different' people, 500 days of summer, a doll's house, acting, adam and the ants, addition, adrian mole, advent calendars, adventureland, american dad, amélie, anti-flag, baking cupcakes, battle royale, beck, being 'different', being vegetarian, billy talent, blazers, blink 182, blondie, boys, breakfast at tiffany's, bridget jones' diary, bright eyes, but that's okay, catcher in the rye, charlie and lola, christmas, cinema, coffee, collecting things, colouring, coming of age, cuddles, cupcakes, dashboard confessional, deathcab for cutie, destruction, dog in the night-time, drinking, enduring love, enid blyton, factory girl, fall out boy, family guy, fashion, father ted, fiction, final destination 1/2/3, florence and the machine, flowers, friends, from first to last, gavin and stacey, georgia nicholson series, good charlotte, gossip girl, harry potter, hearts, heavier than heaven, house, i'm a cyborg, internet, ipod, jennifer's body, john tucker must die, junk, juno, kate bush, keeping diaries, kimya dawson, kisses, la peste, la roux, lady gaga, ladyhawke, listening to music, live at the apollo, lord of the flies, love, lower-case, lying, maximo park, mean girls, mood diary, moods, my booky wook, my boyfriend, never mind the buzzcocks, nirvana, over-analysing, panic! at the disco, peace, peep show, phone, pixie boots, placebo, poetry, psychology, radiohead, reading, reality, remembering, requiem for a dream, rise against, russell brand's ponderland, russell howard's good news, scrubs, shopping, singing, skin, skins, small things, spirited away, superbad, taking pictures, tattoos, tea, the carpenters, the devil wears prada, the fantastic mr fox, the hills, the i.t. crowd, the illustrated mum, the inbetweeners, the killers, the maccabees, the oc, the shins, the simple life, the smiths, the strokes, the used, the virgins, the woman who walked..., thinking, this is england, ugly betty, using proper grammar, vintage, vodka, wasted, watching tv, wearing eyeliner, weezer, white lies, writing, yeahyeahyeahs, zombieland