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LARGE SALES but still no banner :3

I ship from the UK, and my shipping days are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.
I don’t have any scales at the minute XD;, so there will be two invoices from me: initial item payment, then shipping payment, which I’ll PM to you just after the item is shipped (:
Please be prompt with paying shipping costs; it doesn’t sound a lot but when I’m fronting shipping for multiple items at once it quickly mounts e___e
As I send a second invoice with shipping costs, I don’t have a default shipping method (:
This means that the buyer can decide for themselves which shipping method they’d prefer.
I will hold, for 24 hours only (:
I trade in US dollars, just because the majority of community members do :3, it’s convenient and easily-converted in PayPal.
I will ONLY accept PayPal, just for convenience’s sake (:
I am open to haggling etc (:, but I'm not a skilled haggler :'3
I am usually easy to contact, but as I am in the UK, and a university student, my sleeping/waking hours are somewhat sporadic, but the longest you’d be waiting on a reply from me concerning sales is around a day (:, as I usually like to have everything sorted out as soon as possible.
I do not currently accept trades, sorry!
My feedback post is right here:


Banpresto Taffeta UFO catcher Raichu, $30 obo

Emonga custom by bubble_rhapsody, $15 obo

Raichu Friends plush, $15 obo, Raichu Banpresto UFO catcher suction plush, $40 obo SOLD!

Gothita/telle(?) Pokédoll, BNWT, $25 obo


Raichu custom, $40 obo

Flareon Pokédoll, $30 obo

Applause Battle Set Slowpoke, $40 obo

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Aww man.. Could I offer $3 on the little Buneary plush? I already bought a jakks the other day. :( I'm in Australia.

Could I also get a quote for both?

of course ^___^ I'm not sure how much shipping there will be, how I usually operate is 2 payments, like a GA, for the plush, then for the shipping, when it's done (: if that's a problem just let me know, I can go to the post-office and get quotes, I'm just pretty socially awkward so I generally just do the first thing (:

Sableye and Poochyena to 25508 please? :D

I can't give concrete shipping quotes because I lack scales, but I doubt it'd be much, I can usually guess about $.050 for cards. is $3.50 shipped all right? (:

Alright, cool.

You can leave feedback here:

Do you have a feedback thread you'd like me to leave feedback in?

feedback left, thanks (:
yep, just here
(: thanks again, it will be sent out asap (:, maybe even tomorrow, if I can get stuff sorted in time.

(Deleted comment)
I do (: and it says in my rules that I can't give shipping quotes, it's just because our scales are broken atm, but I can give rough estimations (: how I usually work is to overestimate the cost slightly to be on the safe side, then keep the proof of shipping and send the difference on PayPal (: but since I'm in Europe and it's not too heavy, I'd guess about $33, no more than that? if it's any more or less than that I'll let you know once they're shipped. (: if that's all right with you, please send $33.00 to lonely_angel_chii[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk. thanks (:

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
EDIT: Wait, no, wrong one sorry xD

Edited at 2011-07-02 10:13 pm (UTC)

Certainly (: is $2.50 inc. shipping and PayPal fees all right with you? if so, $2.50 to lonely_angel_chii[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk, please (:

How big is that UFO pachirisu?

A little big bigger than a Pokédoll, about 5-6 inches (:

I have a few questions about the Pichu Pokedoll if that's okay.
1) Does it has its tush tag and which version is it?
2) Can you provide pictures of it so I can see how loved it is? 3) Are your plushes kept in a pet-free environment?
Thanks :)

1. Yes, it's a 2002 edition.
2. It doesn't really show up well tbh, his fur is just a little bit dull and he's generally a bit grubby, which is how I received him (: And my plush are kept in my room, on a shelf, so they are, but I do have a dog, so I'm not entirely sure if that's pet-free enough, tbh. They are high up and out of her reach XD but if it's an allergy thing then it's best to be safe. (:

How much would the celebi doll be to 35757?

I haven't got any scales atm, so I can't give 100% accurate shipping quotes... but I'd guestimate no more than $14? if that's all right with you, please send $13 to lonely_angel_chii[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk for now, and when it's shipped on Friday, I'll keep the proof of shipping and send you any difference there may be, I always just find it's better to overestimate slightly, and sort out the difference once it's sent (:

Please could I get the bootie Dragonite plush and the possibly bootie Leafeon plush, within the UK?

I don't think shipping would be too much since I'm also from the UK, I'd guess $22 should cover it (: if that's all right, please send $22 to lonely_angel_chii[at]hotmail[dot]co[uk] (:

Not sure I will purchase, but what is the condition of the smeargle card and what would shipping be to 32735?

it's in good condition, not bent or anything (: and is $2.00 shipped all right with you?

Can I get a shipping quote to 89139 for Blissey, Poliwag, Bellossom, and Chansey Friends plush?

Poliwag is sold, sorry. Blissey, Bellossom, and Chansey are available. It says in my rules that I cannot give quotes, as I don't have scales ): but they're all very light, shouldn't be more than $3 shipped, I can reimburse you for the difference if there is any. If that's all right with you, that's $12 to lonely_angel_chii[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk, please (:

(Deleted comment)
Bellossom is currently being negotiated, but with shipping would be around $5, I'll let you know if the sale falls through, you'll be first in line (:

(Deleted comment)
Would you accept £1 for the Shiny Pikachu card? c:
I'm presuming it wouldn't cost too much to send within the UK, would it? ;o;
Thank you for your time!

Sure (: I'm also within the UK, so I'd guess no more than about £1.50? I do usually trade in USD though, it says in my rules (: It's just easier because a lot of nationalities trade on here, so it's a lot easier to just use USD (: but tl;dr, yes I would accept £1 XD

Would you do £6.50 shipped within the UK on the munchlax? Still looking, btw.

I would be happy to, just let me know if you want anything else and I can give you a total (:

is dragonite still available I REALLY want it for my b-day in 9 days

I'm so sorry, Dragonite sold pretty much straight away ): I forgot to mark him as sold, I'll do that now (: I hope you have a good birthday <3


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