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bweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, my electric cutesie and others~
weeeelll I haven't posted in ever, LJ! and I am sorry, cuz you were meant to be my spamman LJ, where I can just be all LOOK WHAT I ORDERED over 9,000 times, butttttttttttttt nonetheless.

  dat picture isn't mine XD, I never got around to taking photos of 80% of the new Pokédolls that've been arriving thus far ^___^ Charizard remains one of my favourite Pokédolls, even after a few ;3
 not my picture either, derp. BUT I DO FINALLY HAVE A PACHIRISU POKEDOLL <3 my lovely little electric type, she is in pride of place, sitting on my Elekid Pokédoll on the electric shelf :3
also not my pics. these two (and Pachirisu) were picked up for me by the wonderful denkimouse, and while I do like grass types (I began B&W using Smugleaf :3, and Gold with a Chikorita named ChikaChika, and my Roselia on Platinum is one of my favourites ^____^), SHIMAMA > ERUFUUN SO HARD, primarily because: a)  Shimama is an electric zebra, b) Shimama is electric, and c) by far the largest of my collection, type-wise, is electric!  
actually, in electrics, we have: Raichu (obviously <3), Pichu (who was a small side collection for a hwhile, now I just have the 1/1, Pokédoll, canvas, and the huuuuuge Christmas hat one Tinsel), a little bootie sleeping Pika, Elekid Pokédoll, Jolteon Pokédoll (speaking of which, all I need now is an Eevee, and my Eeveelus are complete, even if there is three booties among them), Shinx canvas, Emonga custom (who is hiding behind Pokédolls on the top shelf XD, she is too big and needs sold, despite being adorable :<!), Pachirisu Pokédoll, and OF COURSE, Shimama Pokédoll! 9 electric Pokédolls, out of 21 Pokédolls that I own ^___^ 



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