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hello, f-list~
 so, a few awesome things have been arriving, post Absol/Leafeon/Raican :> not many, but one of them is very awesome.

 he's so freaking adorable and cuddly <3 I love love love his faaaaace, I requested dat face :> :> sososo cute, he's even cuter irl <3 he's sitting in front of 1/1 Pichu :> cuz he's preeeeeetttyyyy big, and barely fits on the electrical/primarily Raichu shelf (': also, this arrived:
 d'aaaaaawww. I have to say :< I'm not as excited about him as I thought I would be! I suck :< also, I think it's because my true Shinxy want is his Pokédoll, and this is just to bridge the Shinxy gap XD until. so did this!
 I was much more exciteeeed <3 as Vulpix is a recent canvas plush, also this picture stillll belongs to lunaeris (': I haven't taken a picture of her yet, as she only arrived yesterday. I now have four canvas plush: Pichu, Shinx, Raichu, and Vulpix, in the order they arrived <3
A few recent things I've bought (I know, I said I wouldn't, I'm a fucking liar)
Poliwhirl Pokédoll, w/ no tag. that was ages ago, tbh :>
 I'd prefer him with a tag but he was pretty cheap for such a rarity, and so adorable D: this is not my picture!
Chikorita Pokédoll, with the new square tag which tbh I don't like derp, for which I blame lunglock (': just because she also has a Chika Pokédoll! Also, I've wanted one for aaaages, and was wondering if they were becoming really rare, and then these new ones! /derp
 obviously mine is not this one. it does not have an anniversary tag. /derp. not my picture :>
Jolteon Pokédoll! yep. I just needed one! I do want all the eeveelutions D: but I don't mind if they're booties, until the US gets its act together and has some like Vaporeon over there again ;D so ya. I have two Jolteons enroute, one for my best friend's new girl ;]
Elekid Pokédoll, just because I saw it on eBay. and I bid on it. and I won. /derp and I now collect Pokédolls, quite a lot. apparently. oops :>
SNOVER POKEDOLL I JUST HAD TO. I saw one on eBay, for like $25, with $7 shipping, and then I saw one on the comm for $20 with $2 shipping, and I had to. I just did. I didn't know it existed until I saw it! and now it's on its way <3333333 it might be my favourite Pokédoll. except maybe Snorlie. also it's new with a motherfucking Japanese tag, which makes me die of happiness a tiny bit. 

Glaceon Pokédoll! x2. they're both booties XD and it was an accident D: I've been bidding like crazy on fake 'vees for weeks now, cuz as I aforementioned, now they're so crazy rare and all that jazz, so I just bid on like 189419 and I won one, then I got an email informing me I was losing one, so I bid! and I was like FUCK i thought that said Vaporeon! then I lost Vaporeon. /derp but yeah. two bootie Glaceons arriving XD; whichever one's cuter I will keep :>

And that's all! (': so I only have seven Pokédolls enroute. if you recall, LJ, I did buy a Flareon a while ago, she should be arriving soon <3

wellll, I think I'll watch the Big Bang Theory now! 

ALSO, it's Valentine's Day on Monday, and the week after that, my 1-year anniversary with Tom! aaawww. <3

ALSO, quick recap ;D I now have: 5 Pokédolls, 7 on the way! that makes 12! I love the number 12. <3

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What a cute Raichu (: <3

thank you, he's from etsy :3

Oooh, you can find the best stuff on there!

I knooowwww, I have totally adorable watering can earrings off there XD

Oh how sweet xD I got my Tabunne hat there yay~

aaawwwww, that sounds adorable (:

Ahh Chikorita Pokedoll! *approves* hehe

I love the Raichu commish, it's face is so freaking cute!

I'm still tempted to get bootie eeveelution pokedolls :3

I really want to get canvas plushes too... Chikorita, Vulpix, Raichu and Dragonite to be specific. They're all so cute! I'll wait until the summer to do that though ^_^

ahahaha, she's so adorable! I'm excited to get her :>

I knoowwww, I didn't like the face in the example so I was like 'can I get a cat face/kinda like the canvas type face?' (':

XDD my Leafeon is actually pretty cute, not hideously bootie-evident, she has minky fur anyway :> I want real ones but not atm (':

aaahhh I know, they're so tiny and cuteee! Vulpix and Rai are adorable <3 ahhh didn't you claim one in a GA? ones I comment on/suggest never happen (': did your Dragonite Pokédoll come yet btw? O: ahhh good idea (:

I want the Chika Pokedoll you put a pic up of too. It's minky, and I love minky Pokedolls *_*

I did claim one! But unfortunately no one wanted to claim the others so it was cancelled :c

It hasn't arrived T_T it was said to be sent out the 11th December.

I've had no post so far this week, so I'm getting a tad impatient haha, I have Pokemon and clothes due to arrive -shakes fist-

BTW did I tell you I was denied selling permission? :( I'm not sure why... I was told to be more active, but I thought I was pretty active and fairly recognised. I see people with sellers permission who've been on the comm less time than me who I don't recognise get permission. /End complaint :3

aaahhh same, I'm not a massive fan of velboa ]: it's just not the saame (':

ahhhh, damn D:

oh O: did you contact the seller etc? most places have a like one month return/re-send (if another is available anyway) policy (:, if it's on eBay~

aaahhh I know, it's so annoying XD for a while like a thousand things arrived all at once, which freaked my mum out ^^;;

O:! I thought you were pretty active and recognised too! awww ): I'm sure you'll get it soon (: I needed some more feedbacks, so I've been PMing people about feedback XD;, I felt like such a creep, 'hello, remember the Pokédoll I bought four months ago?' (': also the screening and deleting stuff way confuses me sometimes, I read my comment but then on the page it was like error, this is not a real comment or something and I was like hhnnggg? ohhh. (':

I know. My only Minky pokedoll is Piplup ^_^ I got it when Gin was doing runs for them when they were first released in Japan! It's so soft and sweet :D

I sent them a message the other day but as of yet no reply >.>; it's been too long to open up a dispute too /derp

Haha I've been trying to build up my feedbacks too :3 I have 5 or 6 now, not very much yet :(

Argh, that big plush GA is so amazing! I want to bid but I shouldn't :x

aaahhh minky Piplup is so adorable! awwww, he must be pretty old now XD, bless him (:

oh noes D: I'm sure it'll be okay though, someday soon a Dragonite will appear (:

haha it's so difficult, isn't it? D: I'd advise the PMs tbh, if you have records of who you bought from etc (:

aaahhh I know D: I was just trying to see if anything was a Pokédoll (': nothing on my list is, damn (':

I cut his tag off though! Which sucks cos I'm aiming to keep tags on the plush I get now days :)

I hope he does T_T he's one of my favourite plush out there!

Nothing there is what I have on my wants either, but I'm tempted by the Pokabu :3

O: eeehhh XD tbh it's only recently I've been wanting to keep all the tags on, I've never removed any, but of late my top wants need tags XD, I didn't used to care! I've evolved (derp) into a proper collector (': did he have real Japanese tag art? wow O:!

he's such an adorable plush, I've been looking for one lately, it's so hard to find them now O:

awwwww, Pokabu :> he is a cute fire piggy! are you planning on collecting any gen 5s?

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