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LARGE SALES but still no banner :3

I ship from the UK, and my shipping days are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.
I don’t have any scales at the minute XD;, so there will be two invoices from me: initial item payment, then shipping payment, which I’ll PM to you just after the item is shipped (:
Please be prompt with paying shipping costs; it doesn’t sound a lot but when I’m fronting shipping for multiple items at once it quickly mounts e___e
As I send a second invoice with shipping costs, I don’t have a default shipping method (:
This means that the buyer can decide for themselves which shipping method they’d prefer.
I will hold, for 24 hours only (:
I trade in US dollars, just because the majority of community members do :3, it’s convenient and easily-converted in PayPal.
I will ONLY accept PayPal, just for convenience’s sake (:
I am open to haggling etc (:, but I'm not a skilled haggler :'3
I am usually easy to contact, but as I am in the UK, and a university student, my sleeping/waking hours are somewhat sporadic, but the longest you’d be waiting on a reply from me concerning sales is around a day (:, as I usually like to have everything sorted out as soon as possible.
I do not currently accept trades, sorry!
My feedback post is right here: community.livejournal.com/pkmncollectors/5132873.html


Banpresto Taffeta UFO catcher Raichu, $30 obo

Emonga custom by bubble_rhapsody, $15 obo

Raichu Friends plush, $15 obo, Raichu Banpresto UFO catcher suction plush, $40 obo SOLD!

Gothita/telle(?) Pokédoll, BNWT, $25 obo


Raichu custom, $40 obo

Flareon Pokédoll, $30 obo

Applause Battle Set Slowpoke, $40 obo

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