LARGE SALES but still no banner :3

I ship from the UK, and my shipping days are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.
I don’t have any scales at the minute XD;, so there will be two invoices from me: initial item payment, then shipping payment, which I’ll PM to you just after the item is shipped (:
Please be prompt with paying shipping costs; it doesn’t sound a lot but when I’m fronting shipping for multiple items at once it quickly mounts e___e
As I send a second invoice with shipping costs, I don’t have a default shipping method (:
This means that the buyer can decide for themselves which shipping method they’d prefer.
I will hold, for 24 hours only (:
I trade in US dollars, just because the majority of community members do :3, it’s convenient and easily-converted in PayPal.
I will ONLY accept PayPal, just for convenience’s sake (:
I am open to haggling etc (:, but I'm not a skilled haggler :'3
I am usually easy to contact, but as I am in the UK, and a university student, my sleeping/waking hours are somewhat sporadic, but the longest you’d be waiting on a reply from me concerning sales is around a day (:, as I usually like to have everything sorted out as soon as possible.
I do not currently accept trades, sorry!
My feedback post is right here: community.livejournal.com/pkmncollectors/5132873.html


Banpresto Taffeta UFO catcher Raichu, $30 obo

Emonga custom by bluest_mercury, $15 obo

Raichu Friends plush, $15 obo, Raichu Banpresto UFO catcher suction plush, $40 obo SOLD!

Gothita/telle(?) Pokédoll, BNWT, $25 obo


Raichu custom, $40 obo

Flareon Pokédoll, $30 obo

Applause Battle Set Slowpoke, $40 obo


bweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, my electric cutesie and others~

weeeelll I haven't posted in ever, LJ! and I am sorry, cuz you were meant to be my spamman LJ, where I can just be all LOOK WHAT I ORDERED over 9,000 times, butttttttttttttt nonetheless.

  dat picture isn't mine XD, I never got around to taking photos of 80% of the new Pokédolls that've been arriving thus far ^___^ Charizard remains one of my favourite Pokédolls, even after a few ;3
 not my picture either, derp. BUT I DO FINALLY HAVE A PACHIRISU POKEDOLL <3 my lovely little electric type, she is in pride of place, sitting on my Elekid Pokédoll on the electric shelf :3
also not my pics. these two (and Pachirisu) were picked up for me by the wonderful denkimouse, and while I do like grass types (I began B&W using Smugleaf :3, and Gold with a Chikorita named ChikaChika, and my Roselia on Platinum is one of my favourites ^____^), SHIMAMA > ERUFUUN SO HARD, primarily because: a)  Shimama is an electric zebra, b) Shimama is electric, and c) by far the largest of my collection, type-wise, is electric!  
actually, in electrics, we have: Raichu (obviously <3), Pichu (who was a small side collection for a hwhile, now I just have the 1/1, Pokédoll, canvas, and the huuuuuge Christmas hat one Tinsel), a little bootie sleeping Pika, Elekid Pokédoll, Jolteon Pokédoll (speaking of which, all I need now is an Eevee, and my Eeveelus are complete, even if there is three booties among them), Shinx canvas, Emonga custom (who is hiding behind Pokédolls on the top shelf XD, she is too big and needs sold, despite being adorable :<!), Pachirisu Pokédoll, and OF COURSE, Shimama Pokédoll! 9 electric Pokédolls, out of 21 Pokédolls that I own ^___^ 



two parcels? TWO!

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yay!  LOOK LJ LOOK.

 lalalalalalala elekid Pokédoll. hello elekid, you fuckin' cool kid. you're such a big fat fatty electric, you're so space-demanding D: bigger than Snorlax, and he's dayum fat too! he takes up so much space on my sheeelfff, needing to collection weed some moar tbh, other than what I've removed, shoved in a box, and mentally labelled 'to be sold at sum point' :> I LOVE POKEDOLLS WEEEE. also I still haven't bought anything else, I'm dead proud. also LOOK WHO ELSE ARRIVED. LOOK. LOOK.
 WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the best THE BEST THE BEST terrible meme ever. but the truth is, the best Pokédoll ever! until Snover. and until ... weeeelll lots of others. BUT FOR NOW, best Pokédoll ever! he's so fucking cute and squishy and rareee <3 ALSO finally I have a picture of another get I previously mentioooned.
 lovelovelovelove my Vulpix canvas plush! so much so that I'm giving my KFC Vulpix to a dear friend C: he's been upset lately, and he always admired KFCulpix whenever I brought him to games society :> 
and this concludes my update!

Pokédoll Collection Update:

Mudkip, Pichu, Snorlax, Leafeon, Absol, Poliwhirl, and Elekid <3

Pokémon Center Canvas Plush Update:

Pichu, Shinx, Raichu, Vulpix <3

(no subject)

 That image is not mine, it's denkimouse's, from Sunyshore, but that is who I just won on eBay. I just saw it and went OMG, and bid, just in case. Because the last one I saw (not that long ago) went into a mild bid war, and I couldn't bid because I needed a location quote from the seller >.< so when I saw this one I was like I won't win anyway, try, pie, try. So I did. And I won. Yaaaaaaaaaaay, Raichuuuuu~ do you feel neglected now? <3

ALSO I won a Leafeon Pokédoll for £5.99. I am 100% sure it'll be a bootie, but I'll never be able to find/afford a real one, and I'd like a bootie until I feel like I could :3 it's from Hong Kong :3 and it had 5 bids already! but I just bid like, £5.99 and vowed to do no more (as I've been bidding on ones that started at like 0.01p lullll, and losing badly), and I got an email that was like 'You won!' and I was like OMG NO WAI, even a bootie is welcome at this staaaaage.

So yeah, that's all my news, except that I got a new shelf, to house some of my plush, and also I'm not buying anymore for a bit, unless they are:
a) Canvas
b) Pokédolls
c) Slowpoke plush, or
d) Raichu plush
there are a few exceptions to this rule (such as Tufty Pichu plush in general X3 but generally speaking, I'm not going to buy any more random plush X3 like, I love my two Happiny plush, etc, but I'm not planning to collect Happiny. So if you happen to see me in a sales post all OMGG want this, remind me that I need to save for buying a house/flat with uni people for next year, and we need to deposit soonish.

Thanks guise <3 I'm off to read Moll Flanders~


I KNOW I KNOW, and I will stop...

 ... but it's Raichu. and it's shiny. and it was on sale. and it's from a legitimate Japanese seller.
don't act so unsurprised, LJ! I just had a lookie through my somewhat abandoned list of Rais to bai, and I did a little eBay search... and the shiny Taffeta Raichu UFO was on sale. so I bought it. so sue me :3, I've bought more Slows recently than Rais X3 except for Raichu's custom <3 although there is also the sleeping Slowpoke custom Pokédoll... ergo I needed to balance it out with some Raichu <3

uhh. that is all. now I am off to watch Inception with my bff. and maybe order her a Snorlax Pokédoll for her 18th.