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two parcels? TWO!
waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yay!  LOOK LJ LOOK.

 lalalalalalala elekid Pokédoll. hello elekid, you fuckin' cool kid. you're such a big fat fatty electric, you're so space-demanding D: bigger than Snorlax, and he's dayum fat too! he takes up so much space on my sheeelfff, needing to collection weed some moar tbh, other than what I've removed, shoved in a box, and mentally labelled 'to be sold at sum point' :> I LOVE POKEDOLLS WEEEE. also I still haven't bought anything else, I'm dead proud. also LOOK WHO ELSE ARRIVED. LOOK. LOOK.
 WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the best THE BEST THE BEST terrible meme ever. but the truth is, the best Pokédoll ever! until Snover. and until ... weeeelll lots of others. BUT FOR NOW, best Pokédoll ever! he's so fucking cute and squishy and rareee <3 ALSO finally I have a picture of another get I previously mentioooned.
 lovelovelovelove my Vulpix canvas plush! so much so that I'm giving my KFC Vulpix to a dear friend C: he's been upset lately, and he always admired KFCulpix whenever I brought him to games society :> 
and this concludes my update!

Pokédoll Collection Update:

Mudkip, Pichu, Snorlax, Leafeon, Absol, Poliwhirl, and Elekid <3

Pokémon Center Canvas Plush Update:

Pichu, Shinx, Raichu, Vulpix <3

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Poliwhirl's pokedoll is definitely the cutest Poliwhirl plush ever. And he looks so soft. :>

he totally iiissss :> even my mother, who isn't.... the biggest fan XD;; of my collection was totally amazed by him! he's sssooo damn soft and awesome, his big eyes and enormous feet are so cool, his feet are just so chubby :> I wholeheartedly recommend him, if anyone should own one Poliwhirl plush (:, he's just difficult to find :<

I have a soft spot for water Pokemon. STOP MAKING ME WANT IT, WOMAN. </3

gaaahhh saaames XD, even though electrical are my main focus ;D do you collect any other than mudkip?

Marshtomp and Swampert, of course. Other than that, I don't actively collect any other water Pokes. I did however get the Pokemon Center Whiscash plush today. I was hesitant about how I felt about it when I bought it, but DAMN he is gorgeous! I'm completely in love. :D

omgggggg, Whiscash D: i'm soo jelly XD, I love the giant Pokédoll *____* is he amazing?

He's super soft and squishy and derpy. :D

awwww :33 he looked so adorable in (I think) katcheecricket's sales post!

Yup, that's where I got him! I'M SO HAPPY. 8D

XD he sure is an enormous cutie :3

I love Pokedolls. Poli looks so soft, I just wanna squeeze him haha

ahahahaha I knooow, he's so damn squishy and awesome!

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