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 Sneak peek :3 click the cut for more!

I ship from the UK, and my shipping days are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.
I don’t have any scales at the minute XD;, so there will be two invoices from me: initial item payment, then shipping payment, which I’ll PM to you just after the item is shipped (:
Please be prompt with paying shipping costs; it doesn’t sound a lot but when I’m fronting shipping for multiple items at once it quickly mounts e___e
As I send a second invoice with shipping costs, I don’t have a default shipping method (:
This means that the buyer can decide for themselves which shipping method they’d prefer.
I will hold, for 24 hours only (:
I trade in US dollars, just because the majority of community members do :3, it’s convenient and easily-converted in PayPal.
I will ONLY accept PayPal, just for convenience’s sake (:
I am open to haggling etc (:, but I'm not a skilled haggler :'3
I am usually easy to contact, but as I am in the UK, and a university student, my sleeping/waking hours are somewhat sporadic, but the longest you’d be waiting on a reply from me concerning sales is around a day (:, as I usually like to have everything sorted out as soon as possible.
I do accept trades, for Raichu and Slowpoke items, or Pokédolls. Ask if interested <3
My feedback post is right here:


Pachirisu Banpresto UFO Catcher, $16

Play-by-Play Poliwhirl plush, pretty loved :< it's in an overall pretty good condition, but there are some stains on his right hand, derp. I'm a bit unwilling to sell him Dx as he was my first Poképurchase post like, 1999 :< please make offers, I dunno what he goes for/I'm attached :3;

Banpresto Togekiss UFO Catcher, MWT, $16

 Snorlax Hasbro plush, $5 SOLD to a friend, sorry <3

Toy Factory Piplup, $10

Applause plush Snorlax, I have no idea what to ask for him XD; offers please? <3

Emonga custom by bubble_rhapsody D: I love it, but I have no space :< $20, its auction price, OBO

Explorers of Sky Shinx plush, $10, MWT, SOLD! thank you <3

TOMY recall Munchlax plush, $16

FIGURES! TOMYs (: some are bootlegs apparently, thank you to spideyroxas for notifying me ^___^;;; I just got them in a lot from my friend XD, so be warned (: 

Poliwhirl, $2.00

Poliwrath, $1.50 (slightly faded, mildly marked on the back)

Mankey, $2.00

Primeape, forgot to photograph, derp, also $2.00, will take a picture if anyone's interested in it XD

Rattata, $2.00

Ratticate, $2.00

Pidgey, $2.00

Pidgeotto, $2.00

Pikachu, $1.50 (faded, has slight marks, visible in the photo)

Mew, $2.00, SOLD! thank you <3

Hitmonlee, $2.00

Hitmonchamp, $2.00

Tauros, $2.00, SOLD! thank you <3

Kangaskahn, $2.00, once again, I forgot to take a picture, derp D: if anyone's interested, I'll take one <3

DERP same with Moltres, $2.00, ask for picture :>

Zapdos, $2.00

Articuno, $2.00

Beedrill, $2.00

Scyther, $2.00

Psyduck, $2.00

Golduck, $2.00

Polygon, $1.50 (slightly stained)

Bulbasaur, $2.00

Ivysaur, $2.00

Gyrados, $2.00

Charmander, $2.00

Charmeleon, $2.00

Charizard, $2.00

Sandslash, $2.00

Squirtle, $2.00, SOLD! thank you <3

Wartortle, $2.00 SOLD! thank you <3

Armless Golem (': my friend (who sold me a lot of TOMYs, I only really wanted a few XD, like the Slows and Vaporeon :33) gave it to me like this, derp (': she must have ripped them off once, for the lulz. $0.50!

Gengar! $2.00 SOLD to a friend, sorry <3

Unknown D: possibly Digimanz? $2.00 for all three (': SOLD! thank you <3

CARDS! Just a few :>

Torkoal, Vulpix, Nosepass, and Venomoth (: $5.00 for them all, or $1.00 each separately (:
I also have like a zillion moar now, ask if interested (: 

Houndour, for risha_moon (:
STICKERS! 2, to be precise.

Meowth and Chimchar, $2.00 for both (:

That's all for now guise <3 

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Also what do you mean by "recall"? Does that mean it's not authentic?

yes it is ^__^ also, no (: it means that they were like, called back from people who'd bought them, cuz one batch was found to be full of tiny needles, but I'm pretty sure this one's fine, it's super soft, ironically (:

Will you let him go for $13?

Also how much is shipping to California usually?

sure ^___^ also I don't know .___. I don't have any scales, but he's quite hefty and would need to go in a box... about $4, I'd guess, what I usually do with plush/heavier items is send a shipping invoice to my customers, like a deputy service does (:

Shoot, I totally forgot about this post. If it's still available I will take it. $13 to your paypal? once you respond I will pay

Sure (: $13 to lonely_angel_chii[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk please (: I'm not sure when he'll be shipped, probably next week, as this week I have a lot of work shifts and work due x__x, but I'll PM you with the shipping invoice, it probably won't be much (:

Please make sure he's shipped next week, as it's the end of the semester and I am moving towards the end of May.

Also please post here once you receive the money so I know you got it.

I will be shipping him next week (:

Also sorry, I only just checked my email, payment received (:

Oh yes (: I meant to message you earlier, sorry, I've been at my boyfriend's since Wednesday. It was shipped on Wednesday morningish, UK time (: the shipping was a little ridiculous, because he was in a box, and he's pretty tubby >.>, so the shipping was $8.94 :<, so that's $8.94 to lonely_angel_chii[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk, please (:
I have proof of postage and receipts, if you want to see them (:

Sorry I haven't been online

Do you have a tracking number?

that's fine (: I don't, sorry. it's just standard airmail, but apparently UK shipping prices have suddenly skyrocketed, I didn't know, I just thought it was more expensive than usual .___.

Ok, in that case if you PM me the proof of shipping I'll send the money as soon as I can.

ahh, all right (: it'll just be a photo of it, cuz I don't have a functioning scanner right now, but I'll underline the one which is yours, cuz I shipped two things that day. I have to work until 4 (UK time) today, so it'll be a bit later on. thank you <3

So sorry, I totally forgot about this, had work to hand in this morning and all that jazz -___-, but here is the receipt (:
I drew a little grid round the one Munchie went in (:, and it's so high because of the somewhat crazy exchange rate :/, but here it is (:

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