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fffuuu I can't believe I just did my comm. update like, a day ago, BECAUSE...

 HE IS SO FUCKING COOL GUISE, I COULDN'T POSSIBLY  MAKE THE PICTURE OF HIM SMALLER, HE DESERVES IT O: He finally arrived <3 in a huge box of win, full of packing penis peanuts.
Along with a friend <3
 daaaaaawwwww 1/1 Pichuuuu! I love you so much, you adorable enormous thing <3 even if your huge silly ears make you ridiculously difficult to put anywhere :< the shelves have taken a beating :3', the top shelf, formerly belonging to the 'chus is now Generic Electrics, Slows, Pokédolls, gift plush (such as Spheal from my bb Beccy :3) and one Friends plush XD, Blissey.
The second shelf is now Hasbros, Applauses (for now) , Toy Factory plush, a few randoms, and Vulpix KFC plush.
The third shelf is now <3333333333333333333 central, with the arrival of these guise also:
 AHHHH <3 so much huge fuzzy backpacky love <3 this big Raichu arrived yesterday, in all his cheeky glory :> :> :> right before he arrived, this guy arrived:
 HELLO TAFFETA CHUUUU <3 he's so adorable and squishy O:! I sat him on top of Tinsel to pose XD he's soooooo adorable! 

The Raichu/Pichu shelf is now ssssoooo over-populated XDD, I'll have to clear a space for canvas chu <3 he will be arriving soon, as my USPS update says: 'Your item was accepted at 7:21 pm on January 25, 2011 in LOUISVILLE, KY 40221. Information, if available, is updated periodically throughout the day. Please check again later.'

In buying news! I have bought nothing since bootie Leafeon Pokédoll, except for...

 Vulpix canvas <3 sorry for stealing the picture, lunaeris! Also this buy is okay. I bought it with my own money :3 (not that I used stolen money for the others or anything XD, I did earn the money I used for Vulpix -specifically- for buying Pokéymanz), ALSO it is a canvas, and I have stated before that my collection as of the other day is now:

Raichu, Slowpoke, sometimes Pichu
Canvas Plush
Exceptions: particularly adorable things, such as the Luxray UFO Catcher ;D
And therefore, buying this Vulpix canvas (and a Pokédoll when I get paid) is aight. Other than that, I'm done with the hXc impulse-buyin' :3, and thus concludes an LJ update!

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ZOMG this post is awesome! The Fuzzy Rai is so fricken adorable! I wish I could get him, but I can't really justify it since I don't collect him :C but he's my fave of the Chu line ^_^

I'd love to see a pic of all your shelves? What's the spheal your friend got you? Me likes spheal ^_^

thaaaanks :3 I knoowww! when he arrived I was like AHHHH <3 (': he is sooo amazing, but so expensive tbh, though he was still cheaper than he goes for on eBay etc, even with the international shipping, but if you'd have any Rai plush, this one or the canvas is cutest :3

I really need to take one XD but whenever I do, someone arrives and I have to re-organise (': I'll take one and put it in my next update (:
XD my Spheal is a bootie, I believe :'3 very adorable though, but his big sealy lips cover his entire face XD, and his teeth are crazy :'3 he is adorable though! I love the Pokédoll O: so sad it's so rare!

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